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We Develop Creative Solutions

Founded 1993 in Berlin, we develop customer-specific software solutions for measurement and control, which is worldwide in use in challenging industrial applications. Every customer's problem has its own application solution, so we don't use or create "hand-me-down" software.

We Pay Attention to You

The customer relationship plays the most important role in our company. The problem definition is always the first thing we intensively care about. With the customer's application knowledgement and our developed experience of many years we create a requirement-specific solution.

We Care about You - with Innovation and Competence

Our services comprehend much more than only application programming. We support you with concept design and planning, create the necessary project specifications, manage the project course with you and simplify the software introduction with extensive documentation and training.

We are Your Long-Term Partner

By experience interchange with our project partners and close contact to the developers of our software tools we endeavour to work and be always up to date.

Carsten Pahl

Carsten Pahl

Founder and Managing Director of Pahl IndustrieSoftware.

Diplom-Ingenieur of Electrical Engineering (TU Berlin), main subject Measurement and Automation.

Core competencies: LabVIEW (since 2000 / v5.1), LabWindows/CVI (since 1998 / v4.0), TestStand (since 2001 / v1.0), Mikrocontroller Programming in C (since 1993).

Leisure activities: Ballroom dance coach (Standard dances / Latin dances), Show dancing Standard dances.