Microcontroller Programming and Software Development

Microcontroller Programming and Software Development

Since founding our company in 1993 we successfully develop programs for microcontroller. This assumes a certain handling within a wide range of different peripheric components like ADC, miscellaneous bus systems (I2C, RS232, RS485, RS422, LPT, 1Wire etc.), clock modules, interface controller and so on; please have a look at our microcontroller project references.

Started with the Intel 8051 we now intensively use several microcontroller. The most important of these we want to introduce now.


The family of 8051 compatible microcontrollers has a long tradition in the meantime. Nevertheless (or just therefore) many manufacturers like AMD, Atmel und Philips develop new derivatives again and again.


The Atmel AVR family with RISC architecture stands out because of their high execution speed at less processor cycles and their amount of integrated peripheral equipment. Most mentionable in this case is the ATmega series.

Zilog Z8 Encore!

Approved reliability in a new shape: The legend Z80 has a powerful, full-featured and nevertheless low-priced successor: the Zilog Z8 Encore!. The Z8 Encore! is an all-rounder and therefore particularly suitable for small and medium sized projects.

Zilog eZ80Acclaim!

The Zilog eZ80Acclaim! is the spearhead of 8 bit microcontrollers. With a core frequency of up to 50 MHz, 256 kByte internal flash memory, 16 kByte SRAM and an addressable external memory area of 16 MByte (!!) the eZ80Acclaim! meets any claim you can think of. In addition the eZ80F91 as member of the eZ80Acclaim! family offers an on-chip ethernet MAC and therefore can e.g. be used as web server or as device control with an own homepage.