Project Management

Project Management

A solid and competent project management is the base for a successful development and a satisfied customer. Therefore we take special care for it and offer you due to our experience of many years the following services:

Common Technical Consulting, Feasibility Study

First of all we advise you concerning the different possibilities of technical realization of your visions. Due to our professional competence we show you the way to reach your goals faster, avoiding calculable risks. During the evaluation we cooperate closely with you and consider your professional experience.

Design, Scheduling

Based of the shown way we design the concept required for realization, calculate the time wanted and realize a timetable if needed, mainly if the project size is large enough or other developing companies are involved. This timetable is obliging part of the whole project.

Requirements, Specification

This concept is fixed together with your professional specification into the requirements. Finally, we build the system and functional specification for the project and define its milestones.

Coordination, Management

We realize the project with respect to the timetable and keep you up-to-date. Belated wishes we consider as far as possible.

Implementing, Starting

Starting is done within your company. Based of an acceptance protocol we show you the functionality of the whole system and answer your questions.


Normally you'll receive a detailed manual, a complete technical documentation and the extensively described source code.

Training, Service

Only a satisfied customer will recommend us, so we give you assistance with respect to our guarantee and beyond. Of course we offer you training courses for our products and for our software tools. Ask us!