System Conception, Systems Integration

System Conception, Systems Integration

The functionality and reliability of the system to be developed depends on the right selection of its components. Prices and efforts have to match. With our long lasting experience we help you to avoid existing incompatibilities.

National Instruments, Keithley Instruments, Agilent

We want you to take much pleasure on your new system. So we only use hardware from companies of good standing where we have made positive experience regarding availability, service and fair dealing and where we have close contact to their developers and sales engineers to solve rising problems fast and efficiently. These are primarily National Instruments, Keithley Instruments und Agilent with their extensive product lines. Beyond we have close contacts to different manufacturers of special equipment for special tasks.

TIGRIS Elektronik GmbH

For outstanding individual purposes we co-operate with our partner company TIGRIS Elektronik GmbH since many years. Together we develop for you a custom-made hardware solution based on your technical specifications.