LabWindows/CVI Programming and Software Development

LabWindows/CVI Programming and Software Development

Process Automation, Control and Automation of Test Systems

With LabWindows/CVI we realize powerful automation, test and validation software for your test bench. We control all measurement devices connected to your test station, visualize the measurement data on customized user interfaces, log the measurement data, generate the final test report and synchronize the test process with the overlayed manufacturing process.

Measurement Data Acquisition, Evaluation and Visualization

With LabWindows/CVI we program and develop sophisticated customer-specific applications for measurement data acquisition, signal processing and data analysis. We visualize the measurement data on customized user interfaces, save them in different file formats, log the measurement data and generate the final test report.

Instrument Control

With LabWindows/CVI we automatize the access to your measurement device. We build an independent application with graphical user interface for you or integrate the instrument in foreign software using existing interfaces.

LabWindows/CVI Driver Development

For your product we develop the appropriate LabWindows/CVI driver in the specified version - without additional license fees.


With LabWindows/CVI we have access to all common hardware and software interfaces (RS232 / RS485 / RS422, GPIB, USB, Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, IrDA, VISA, DataSocket, DDE Port access, DLL, API, ActiveX, eMail, SMTP, POP, HTTP ...).

Compilation Service

We compile your LabWindows/CVI project and build an executable file (*.exe) or a library (*.dll) as well as a setup for easy installation; you may use them any number of times without additional license fees. A LabWindows/CVI development environment on the target system is not required.

About LabWindows/CVI

LabWindows/CVI from National Instruments is especially suited to create text-based measurement applications. The integrated development environment allows you to design complex measurement applications without the knowledge of object oriented programming (as in C++). The interactive, ANSI C compatible programming environment of LabWindows/CVI offers you the full power of C with the simplicity and clearness of Visual Basic. For the final application you can create a setup routine which installs the complete program together with the free runtime engine onto the target system. The target system needs no development environment.

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LabWindows/CVI is well suited for the usage as standalone application. We use LabWindows/CVI if the customer needs a simply installable and maintainable software without the possibility to modify the program.

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